• artist statement •

Since spending several summers abroad in her early college years,
Mary’s eyes were opened to a world with authentic age and tangible history.
If only in a heavily layered billboard or architectural facade, time was
evident and history chronicled. Scenarios were imagined and
interactions from years past were found within the peeling
and cracked surfaces.

This fascination with weathered integrity has found a comfortable
home in her two-dimensional work. Her desire is to achieve this sense of
time and history in her work by using tattered, stained, and once cherished
found papers as the foundation for her imagery. Causing one to ponder
“How many previous lives has this assemblage touched through its
individual components?”

Her representational imagery is a window into her soul. Her thoughts,
senses, emotions and experiences find their way on to her
constructed backgrounds. The viewer is offered a glimpse
of her world that is not only hers but strikes a universal chord of
beauty, joy and connectedness.

• artist resume •

1958 • Los Angeles, California

1991-93 • Pratt Fine Arts Center, Seattle, WA
1982 • University of California, Los Angeles, Studio art & Design
1978-81 • Woodbury University, Los Angeles, CA, BFA in Design/Art
1976-78 • University of California, Santa Barbara, Studio Art


2013 • Marco Two Union Square, Seattle, WA
2013 • Macrina, SODO, Seattle, WA
2013 • Macrina, Queene Anne, Seattle, WA
2006 • Sagebrush Gallery, Sun Valley ID
2000 • Arts West Gallery, Seattle, WA
1998 • Auburn Arts Council, Auburn City Hall Gallery, Auburn, WA
1996 • Cunningham Gallery, University of Washington,Seattle WA
1995 • Robinson/Hallen-Berg, Laguna Beach, CA
1995 • Bon Marche, Fourth Floor Gallery, Seattle, WA
1994 • “Mixed Media Monotypes”, Capers, Seattle, WA
1993 • “Monotypes 92/93” World Class Coffee, Seattle, WA
1992 • “Monotypes 91/93”, The Seattle Club, Seattle, WA


2000 • Phinney Center Gallery, 2000 NW Fine Arts Competition,
Juror’s Choice Award, Seattle, WA
1999 • “10 x 10”, Addison/Ripley Fine Art, Washington DC
1998 • “25 x 25”, SAM Rental Sales Gallery, Seattle, WA
1998-94 • Seafirst Gallery, Pratt Fine Arts Preview, Seattle, WA
1997 • “Pistol Packing”, Pratt Fine Arts Center, Seattle, WA
1996 • “Textures”, SAM, Rental Sales Gallery, Seattle, WA
1995 • “Mixed Media”, Key Tower, Yvonne Banks Art, Seattle WA
1993 • Security Pacific Gallery, Pratt Fine Arts, Seattle, WA
1992 • “Proofs and Processes”, Pratt Fine Arts, Seattle, WA
1992 • “The Artist and the Nude”, 2nd Story Gallery, Seattle, WA
1992 • “Pacific Print ’92” 6Th Biennial Print Exhib, Palo Alto, CA


2001 • Swedish Foundation, Swedish Hospital, Seattle, WA
2000 • Swedish Health Services, Ballard Campus, Seattle, WA
2000 • Michael and Marjorie Alhadoff, Bellevue, WA
1999 • Canyon Ranch Spa, Las Vegas, NV
1999 • Margo Bykonen, Seattle, WA
1998 • Health South Corporation, Birmingham, AL
1997 • Martin, Meisenbach & Blais, Seattle, WA
1997 • Glendale Country Club, Bellevue, WA
1995 • Blue Cross Corporate, Seattle, WA
1995 • Weyerhauser Credit Union, Longview, WA
1994 • Hyatt Regency, Bellevue, WA
1994 • Chris Cornell & Susan Silver, Seattle, WA
1992 • Christine Hallen-Berg, Laguna Beach, CA
1991 • South Seas International Press, Bellevue WA

works now represented by the Seattle Art Museum Gallery
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